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1. Do a website walkthrough. 

If you do one thing this holiday season, make it this. This is a trick I make my consulting clients do, but it’s also something you can use to improve the shopping experience on your website. The test is simple: find someone who is not internet savvy and ask them to pick out and item and try and check it out on your website. If they can’t do it, ask them where they would have given up and why. Can they figure out how to use your shopping cart? Can they view all of your collections? What website pathways could you change to make things easier?

Making sales is about more than SEO: it’s about ease of use and ensuring that the customer isn’t challenged by your website at any point. Instead of guessing, run the test.

2. Create a compelling image bank.
We live in a world where even small brands are expected to create professional level images to distribute on several different social media sites. If your brand is not on board with this yet, you are behind. One way to make this easier on yourself is to schedule time to create a seasonal image bank, with images that can be repurposed for your website, social media sites and newsletters. An easy way to do this is to schedule a day to devote purely to image creation. You can obviously hire a professional photographer, or you can use a talented staff member.

Make sure your images are seasonal but not overly specific – don’t take 40 product pictures in front of a Christmas tree, for instance. This can also be a great time to mix various product categories with lingerie items, like bath and body products or bedroom accessories. Images can also be winter themed rather than holiday themed, using bold burgundies and jewel tones instead of traditional Christmas colors.

3. Pick a small subset of keywords to focus on and then generate blog titles that use them.
Picking your keywords is really important, both for your blog and for your product descriptions. You cannot rank for everything, so you need to pick and choose which keywords you want to go for carefully. Generate a thoughtful list of four or five keywords that matter to your customers rather than the internet at large.

To help feed your keywords into search engines, develop a list of blog titles that use the keywords in smart ways. At this point you can divide the work up among staff members, hire a copywriter or find another solution to create the content you need. Again, at this point you should have an image bank to work with that will make your blog posts easier to create.

Tia Lyn's Core Chemise

Core Chemise by Tia Lyn

4. Clean up copycat product descriptions.
Lots of lingerie businesses use manufacturer’s descriptions on their website and it drive me bonkers. You don’t have to generate an entirely new description, but in this marketing era you can’t afford to have copycat descriptions up either. Make sure that all of your descriptions are original enough to set you apart from your competitors, even if you start with the technical description as a base. This will help you with search engines, help your website earn a stronger ranking and set you apart from other lingerie websites selling the same brands.

5. Get familiar with social media scheduling tools.
No one can manage all of their social media in real time every day unless that’s all you’re doing – and most business owners don’t have enough hours in the day to start with. Maximize your time with scheduling tools like Hootsuite. Hootsuite will let you schedule content on a wide variety of social media sites, as well as automate your post scheduling for you. It’s also really easy to use, even if you aren’t so great with technical stuff.

If you’re looking for some marketing help this season, check out what my clients have to say about me here.

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